LC1 Biology Trip

LC1 biology classes went to the Animals Inside Out exhibition in the Ambassador theatre on Thursday the 26th of March. This was an exhibition of plasticised animals, it allowed students to see the inner systems that make up an organism for example the digestive and circulatory system. The highlights included an Asian elephant, gorilla and giraffe.

From there the students went to the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. They were given a guided tour of the grounds and the magnification glasshouses. The guide had great knowledge of the history of the gardens and the many species of plants, some native and some very exotic. The highlight was definitely seeing the large tropical plants such as banana trees, these are kept in a glasshouse that is very warm and humid, every few minutes water is sprayed over the plants so you feel like you are in a real rain forest. The students had a great day and all were pleasantly surprised that plants are not boring after all!